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Our Volunteers

Heidi Hespelt


Sheraton & Marlin (career change dogs)

House in Wallingford with fenced yard

I love our group! I have been raising puppies since 2001.

Robin Roselle


PEMBROKE, Howard (spouse)

House with fenced yard on Lake Kathleen near Issaquah/Renton

Barbara, Kevin, Gunnison, & Rinn-Cora Sweeney


HAWK, Barbara, Gunnison, Rinn-Cora, Kevin

House in Sunset Hills area of Seattle

We love GDB Seattle! Since joining in 2020 we’ve had so much fun with the doggos and the people, and becoming more aware of the need for and value of a guide dog. Kevin loves mountain biking, Gunnison loves ultimate frisbee, Rinny loves art and climbing, and I am into all of them (and travel).

Brenda Crist


Frank (spouse)

House, no fenced yard

I work downtown and take the train. Would be a good experience for the puppy.

Carol & Brian Gregory


NATSUKI and cc'd yellow Lab Asher

Part-time in Seattle in a townhome near Pike Place Market and part-time on Whidbey in a home on Mutiny Bay

Brian; a Seattle native, retired radio broadcaster, and current book reader for the Washington Braille Library. Enjoys photography and travel.Carol; a Washington native, financial advisor, and Advisory Member to the GDB Investment Committee Board. I also enjoy playing and studying classical piano, and travel.

Cottrell-Steen Family


DORALYN, Alice (primary raiser), Sue, Michelle, Camille

House with fenced yard in Lake City area of Seattle

Gail & Jeff DeBell



House with fenced yard in Edmonds

Gunilla Luthra


LACEY, Vidur, Yasmin, Ruben, Linnea. Jet & Sulu (career change), Gadget & Beignet (pets)

House with a fenced yard in Madison Park area of Seattle.

I love GDB puppies (and other pups too) and enjoy keeping them active with training, long walks and hiking.

Hannah Fenelon & Jake Dern


LACEY, Nimoy (career change)

Apartment in the city near Miller Park and tennis courts there to let the pups run. Primary work from home, but will take pup to work sometimes.

We moved from Wisconsin in 2020 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin. Jake works at Microsoft and Hannah got Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at the University of Washington. We love hiking, eating and cooking lots of food, and spending time with friends at breweries!

Howard Hirshman


PRELUDE, Robin (spouse)

House with fenced yard on Lake Kathleen near Issaquah/Renton

Jeremy Whalen


SAL, Melissa Petersen (spouse)

House in north Seattle with a fenced yard.

I started raising in 2017. I only raise Goldens because they are the best. I'm a strength and conditioning coach, and my hobbies are weight lifting, outdoor adventures, and traveling.

Josh Lory


Apartment downtown Seattle

Julie Steppan


Apartment in Bellevue with a deck; I do work at the office most days.

I live in Bellevue. I love to keep the pups busy with lots of outings centralized around work and gym time every day!

Karen & Paul Hogle


House with fenced yard

We love puppies!

Katherine & Rick Parkin



House with fenced yard in Bellevue

Kim & Gary Griffiths


NOMI, Hartley (retired guide) & Flynn (cc dogs)

House with fenced yard in Edmonds

Lucia McDonald


GNOME, Todd (spouse)

House with a small fenced yard near the Arboretum

My favorite place to be is outside, playing with dogs, riding a bike, or hiking. I look forward to Sunday puppy time all week.

Mary Ann & Dave Rohrer



House in Shoreline with a fenced yard. Our pups have go to work with us sometimes and sometimes stay at home.

When our daughter Laura was in 8th grade we raised our first pup Arabelle and are currently raising dog number seven, Wailea. We took an eight year break between Dynasty and Latifah, who graduated in December of 2021. Dave is currently pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Bothell and Mary Ann, having served as a school nurse and a birth doula is, in retirement, now coming alongside new parents as she facilitates PEPS (Program for Early Parental Support) groups who are working with the challenge of raising their human "puppies."

Mary Lou Balassone


Condo in West Seattle near Puget Sound (beach walks!)

I retired in 2020 and plan to do resume traveling soon! Crafts are a passion and I try to take classes to learn new projects (paper stars for Advent was my latest). I am a quilter and also sew clothes and bags. I found GDB when my son was 14 (he is 30 now) and was interested in the process of training dogs -- in the end he did not pursue this. BUT I joined a group in Des Moines about 10 years ago and moved to the Seattle group when that one disbanded.

Melissa Petersen


SAL, Jeremy Whalen (spouse)

House in north Seattle, with a fenced backyard.

I started raising guide dog puppies in 1991. I love the deep connection between a dog and their handler. I am a speech language pathologist in an elementary school. My other hobbies include canoeing, home improvement projects, and rabble rousing.

Mitzy Oubre & Mark Johnson


DAUBER, Hollis & Pearla (kids),

House in West Seattle

Nick Lambert


Becci (partner, Nate (career change)

Currently , 9-5 work

Love the Seattle group! With my partner Becci, we've raised three dogs, Barclay and Union, & Nate! I work for T-Mobile as an engineer and I love to ride bicycles.

Sarah, Ian, Micah, Noah Kim



House with fenced yard in Madison Valley area of Seattle

Teri Osborn


OLENA, John (husband), Kira & Madeline (daughters)

House with a small fenced yard in Queen Anne area of Seattle

I am a retired pharmaceutical research exec and now teach some at the University of Washington. I also volunteer with Page Ahead, a children's literacy organization. John and I have two adult daughters, Madeline and Kira, that love our pups when they are here for a visit. Acre was our first puppy we raised for GDB and we look forward to raising another pup. We definitely came for the puppies and stayed for the people!

Zequn Ma & Andrew Glass, Micah, Noah



House with fenced yard in Ravenna area of Seattle

Becca Dozier


Condo (no yard)

I’ve always loved dogs and how smart they are! I love to hike, swim, and spend time in the sunshine. My pet dog, Heather, is career changed from Southeastern Guide Dogs.

Calley Stouffer & Eddie Krukowski


House with shared fenced Yard, work in office 3 times a week

I work for Amazon currently. Huge fan of the pups from a life of growing up with pets, happy to help sit them for an excellent cause! Also, a frequenter of breweries and the climbing gym!

Carolyn & Brett Marck


Lambda, career change dog

House with fenced yard in south Seattle

Cate Overstreet & Nyx Christian


Cate and Nyx

Currently living in Tacoma

We like nature, birds, gardens, and being in the water.

Kathi Titus


Kathi, Dee (retired guide), Missy, chief feline puppy trainer

House with fenced yard in south Seattle. Retired so around most of the time, AND Kathi stores our crates!

Been raising puppy for years, took them to school with me when I was teaching. Now retired, we enjoy neighborhood walks and errands around town as well as rehearsals for Puget Soundworks, my current choir.

Korie Voorheis


House with fenced yard in Ballard

I'm retired now so am home much of the time. I raised a GPS puppy (Helene) about 10 years ago and wanted to help with raising these great dogs again. I enjoy being outdoors gardening and walks with friends (and pups). My young grandchildren visit regularly. They've been around lots of pets and are very good with animals so I think it will be fun for them and the pups to interact.

Neta Cohen & Stas Groisman


Daniel, Gal, (career change)

Condo in Bellevue, mostly working from home, but Stas might take pup to work.

We like hiking, traveling and all dogs! Oh and Stas likes to take pictures of all of the above 🙄

Olivia Bonsen


Duplex in Crown Hill, small grass yard with no fence. Will need to take the puppy to my work at Archbishop Murphy High School. They'll hangout with me in the athletic office!

I am the Athletic Admin. Assistant at Archbishop Murphy High School in Everett. I am so excited to start sitting! When anyone asks what my hobby is, I always say dogs! Very excited to add this dog volunteer opportunity as another dog hobby :) The photo is my family dog Dixie the German Shorthaired Pointer. She lives with my parents in my hometown of Lynden, WA. I miss her always!

Paul & Janet Baker


Condo, 3rd floor near Gas Works Park

Both Janet and I are retired. My career spanned 32 years with Toyota North America. Janet is a registered nurse, having worked in the areas of public health, epidemiology and asthma and allergy. After retirement we bought a sailboat and sailed south along the Pacific coast to Mexico and Central America, then north to Glacier Bay Alaska. We’ve since sold the sailboat and purchased a Nordic Tug trawler and plan to venture north again for the next several summers. We are former pilots as well. Before boating, our interests took us to the skies. We owned a Piper Cherokee 140 for about 10 years.

Dana & Dave O'Brien


Zoe & Ian, Tobiko (career change)

House with fenced yard in Mountlake Terrace

Dana Donna Bryazka


Luna (pet)

Apartment in the city .

Laura Walker


Revel, career change dog

Apartment in the Central District

I work at Amazon as a program manager. I mainly work from home these days but occasionally go into the office and bring the pup. I started volunteering with GDB in the summer of 2020 after my beloved Beagle, Maebel, passed away. I knew I couldn't be without a dog for very long but also wasn't ready for a pet. My mom also had a black lab service dog, Tug. He inspired me to raise a puppy and change someone’s life like he did. Spending time with the puppies (and people!) after Mae passed was just what I needed. I also volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter as an adoption assistant and foster dog case manager. When not volunteering with pups, I enjoy traveling, exploring the great northwest and hanging with friends.

Marie-Celeste Condon


Taquito (Service Dog)

Apartment in Bothell

I'm happy to puppy sit when puppies are old enough to manage stairs and walking to a relieving spot 100 ft away. Taquito can be a kind mentor. I work part-time, and write part-time. I LOVE our group and our mission!!

Mel Barstow


Wolverine aka Wolfie (career change)

Apartment in the city, planning on taking the pup to work!

I work full time at DocuSign and manage and lead tours for the UW Rowing team about the book, the Boys in the Boat. I absolutely love this puppy raising community and am immensely thankful to have found this “second family” during the very early stages of the pandemic in 2020. You all are some of the greatest blessings in my life. When not working downtown and training pups, you can find me cycling, bachata dancing, and Nordic skiing.

Michelle Curry & Will Sergeant


Poppy the black cat and Juniper the mini golden!

House with fenced yard in north Seattle. Michelle goes in to SLU office 0-2x week.

We’re slowly updating our new-to-us old house! We try to hike often in the summer, play tennis, and spend time paddle boarding. In the winter you’ll find Will snowboarding, Michelle XC skiing, and Juniper digging in the snow! We’re excited to puppy sit and help out with the club! We have a fenced yard and Michelle goes in to SLU office 0-2x week.

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