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Spay & Neuter Guidelines

If the puppy that you are raising is to be altered during their time with you, you will receive a letter from GDB authorizing a spay or neuter.

Guide Dogs authorizes up to $300 per neuter and $350 per spay.

Of course we can ask for preauthorization if there is a reason that the dog needs more than the usual care.


The following are the items that Guide Dogs will authorize for every puppy:

Examination Pre-surgery

Neuter Canine or Spay Canine

Carprofen or other pain meds

E-collar (if needed--or borrow one)


Please get an estimate from your Vet and make sure that it does NOT include:

Pre-surgical bloodwork

IV Fluids

Nail trims (unless included)

Microchips or Dog Licenses



Be aware that most Seattle area Vets charge more than Guide Dogs is willing to pay. If that is the case with your Vet, here are good some lower cost options that we have used and recommend:

Issaquah Veterinary Hospital

795 1st Ave NW, Issaquah

(425) 392-6211

Seattle Spay & Neuter Clinic

 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle

(206) 386-4260

Thank you for following these protocols. It makes everything go so much more smoothly! Please let us know when you make an appointment and let us see a copy of the estimate.

Heidi & Robin

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